Arrest at Parliament

Arrested at Parliament 2018, 2019

By Kevin John Braid – 2020

Last month I reported how Bud Buddies founder, Jeff Ditchfield had all charges dropped against him by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), after he accepted UK lawmaker, Paul Flynn’s, invitation to break the law outside Parliament.

Paul Flynn MP specifically asked people to come to Parliament to break the law to see what happens. Jeff did just that by supplying the mother of a terminally ill child with a cannabis based medicine and was subsequently arrested by the police.

Jeff was not informed of his Court appearance date by email, which was agreed by the arresting officer. This resulted in Jeff missing the Court date, because the summons was sent to his address in Jamaica where he is resident, instead of by e-mail, as requested and is an acceptable means of notification in UK Criminal Procedure Rules. Jeff was in Spain on the day he learned he was supposed to be in Court.

He was informed he could potentially be arrested upon his return to the UK since a warrant has been issued for his arrest for his non-show that was entirely the fault of the police. Fortunately, that did not happen, however, Jeff handed himself into a police station in Wales where he was held in the cells overnight and then taken on a very uncomfortable ride in a small cage to London.

He then spent several hours in the cells only to be released as the CPS told him they didn’t think there was a realistic chance of a prosecution.

When Jeff was initially arrested last year he was released from the police station at an unearthly hour, with no money, as they held onto £895 of his cash, which they have to date not returned to him.

The police denied his request to give him a little bit of his money for transport costs. By chance, Jeff was fortunate enough to find a taxi driver who sympathised with his predicament and took a leap of faith by taking him on a £70 taxi trip to one of his friend’s house who paid the driver upon arrival.

Last week, Paul Flynn’s bill to legalise medical cannabis came again before Parliament for a Second Reading, where unsurprisingly, it didn’t get very far. Jeff again accepted the Labour MP’s invitation to break the law outside Parliament and was arrested yet again by a police officer at precisely 4.20 pm.

He was held in the cells, this time being released at 2am in the morning after eventually being told again they were not charging him as it was “not in the public interest”

I spoke to Jeff who told me

“The CPS have twice decided it is not in the public interest to take me to Crown Court, after accepting Mr Flynn’s invitations to break law outside Parliament.

“Many people were outside smoking cannabis, apparently in a designated area, yet I was arrested while giving an interview, outside Parliament.

“A British Member of Parliament asked people to break the law outside Parliament, which a large amount of people did without getting arrested. However, I was arrested, I told the police what it was I was under possession of and of my intention to plead ‘not guilty’ in a Crown Court.

“I was urged to plead guilty at the Magistrates, but when I opted to plead ‘not guilty’ at Crown Court, the CPS prosecutor informed me they intended to offer no evidence and seek permission from the judge to discontinue proceedings, which the judge duly obliged.

“I was yet again arrested after accepting Paul Flynn MP’s invitation to break the law outside Parliament during the second reading of his bill. I was released without charge approximately ten hours laters being told a prosecution was “not in the public interest”.

“‘I am seeking legal advice to sue the Metropolitan police for wrongful arrest and will keep you updated,” said Jeff Ditchfield.

Cannabis supplied to Muslim baby SHOCKER!

An investigation inspired by the wonderful Daily Mail has revealed an organisation in the UK has supplied cannabis to a baby!

Think of the children! Daily Mail readers will be alarmed to learn that children in the UK as young as nine have consumed cannabis, but what about the babies?

When asked for their views a spokesperson at Bud Buddies UK said “it’s a non story, what are they banging on about now?”

They went on to admit that they had supplied cannabis oil to a 6 month old baby!

When asked how does a six month old baby contact their organisation to “score” and how do they pay for it? they responded “the children don’t contact us, you see this particular 6 month old can’t even talk, they don’t even have an email address”

According to Bud Buddies it is the parents who contact them to request that they risk up to 14 years in prison to supply cannabis oil for their terminally ill child.

The Home Office confirmed they have issued a cannabis cultivation licence to British Sugar to grow 45 acres of cannabis in Norfolk. When asked for a statement from Victoria Atkins MP the Home Office said, “that’s a bit tricky, the CEO of British Sugar is her husband Paul Kenward”

Asked for details of Bud Buddies the Home Office spokesperson said “Good idea, focus on them and the children getting high

“The UK are the World’s largest exporters of medical cannabis exporting 90 tonnes per year, this helps our balance of payments and with Brexit we need this”

When asked about children getting high Bud Buddies said “it is a contraindication that we don’t experience in babies, breast milk contains endocannabinoids so young children seem to be immune to the psychoactive effects of THC”

In a shocking admission

“Yes , we’ve assisted the parents of non Christian babies, why shouldn’t we? Cancer and other life threatening conditions don’t discriminate so why should we?”

Pressed further “No, we don’t ask the parents about their religous beliefs or their immigration status”

‘”In our experience Muslim parents love their children as much as Christian parents

Then they hung up on us.

illegally alive?

First, they came for the Stoners, and I did not speak out,
Because I am not a Stoner

Then they came for the cannabis growers, and I did not speak out,
Because I do not grow cannabis

Then they came for the sick children, and I did not speak out,
Because my child is not sick

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me *

In the above video, Mother Tannine Montgomery talks about her young daughter Indie-Rose who suffers from the severe form of epilepsy Dravet syndrome, a debilitating and life-threatening condition. 
Dravet syndrome  is characterized by high epilepsy-related premature mortality and a marked young age at death, accounting for nearly half of all deaths.”
Due to the failure of the conventional treatments available in the UK to successfully treat Indie’s Dravet Syndrome, Tannine conducted her own research into alternative treatments for complex health issues. Her research indicated that cannabis whole-plant extracts containing THC could be an effective treatment.
Unable to access whole plant extracts in the UK and supported by her Doctor, earlier this year Indie’s mum was forced to take her ill daughter to the Netherlands where a Doctor prescribed her Bedrolite®, a 1% THC and 9% CBD preparation. So far the family has paid in excess of £8,000 for Indie’s treatment, all raised by friends, family, and supporters.
In her video (above) Tannine reports that since administering Bedrolite® containing THC Indie’s seizures have reduced dramatically, and there has been a significant and marked improvement in her condition.

The Government recently announced:

“For the first time in the UK, expert doctors have been given the option to legally issue prescriptions for cannabis-based medicines”



Incorrect: In my article Cannabis oil treating epilepsy 173 years ago, I report on how Dr. William O’Shaugnessey used a preparation of cannabis to treat a severe case of epilepsy in a young child.

The case of Infantile Convulsions, 1843

“A female infant, forty days old, the child of Mr. and Mrs. J. L., of Calcutta, on the 10th of September had a slight attack of convulsions, which recurred chiefly at night for about a fortnight, and for which the usual purgatives-warm baths and a few doses of calomel and chalk-were given without effect. On that day the attacks were almost unceasing, and amounted to regular tetanic paroxysms. The child had, moreover, completely lost appetite and was emaciating rapidly”

Indie’s parents have been notified that her ‘special license’ for Bedrolite® is to be replaced by a prescription for Epidiolex (if GW Pharma will issue it to her on ‘compassionate’ grounds); Epidiolex is an orally administered 10% CBD preparation produced by UK company GW Pharma. 

Side effects of Epidiolex can include:

  • decreased appetite
  • diarrhoea
  • transaminase elevations
  • fatigue
  • feeling unwell
  • weakness/lethargy
  • rash
  • difficulty sleeping (insomnia)
  • infections

RT recently reported:

“The cannabis for Epidiolex is being provided from a 45-acre cannabis farm in the UK operated by British Sugar, whose links to Tory ministers were exposed in February when it was reported that Managing Director of British Sugar Paul Kenward was the husband of then-drugs minister Victoria Atkins MP, leading to accusations of “deception” by medical cannabis advocates.

The cannabis farm run by British Sugar is in Norfolk, less 30 minutes drive from Tannines’s home in Suffolk.

The hypocrisy and deception go much further; RT also reported that the PM’s husband Philip May is employed by the Capital Group, a major shareholder in GW Pharma who manufacture Epidiolex.

The prime minister’s husband, Philip May, works as a relationship manager for Capital Group. This is an investment firm known for owning stock in weapons giants BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin.

GW Pharmaceuticals cannabis is “readily available for patients and for sale around the world, whilst keeping everyone else’s cannabis strictly controlled.”

Is the shambles of Brexit a distraction to enable these financial shenanigans?

Here in the UK children are dying, and people who cannot access cannabinoids from the NHS are being sent to prison for cultivating a few cannabis plants in their homes while Tory Ministers and MP’s make millions.

Some UK cannabis campaign groups have admitted receiving funding for their support for the Canadian pharmaceutical company Tilray:

Jonathan Liebling – Political Director of United Patients Alliance reports from a meeting with GW Pharma that;

“I had a great time getting to know them rather better (GW Pharma). Whilst they may not be our friends; they are not our enemy either and moreover, they are the UKs ONLY Pharmaceutical Company with an interest in cannabis in the rapidly growing global pharmaceutical industry. It may well be in the UKs interests, especially post #brexit to have them succeed”

We look forward to our next coffee!



Clark French, 100% shareholder of UPA Limited is celebrating the news that his funders Tilray’s share price has increased over 500% in the past 2 months by moving into a new apartment and next week he is off to the USA.


Perhaps French and Liebling will donate their bonuses to the fund started by Tannine for her Daughter’s whole plant preparation? Or maybe Liebling will ask GW Pharma to show some ‘compassion’ at their next coffee meeting.



Jeff Ditchfield









  • First they came …” is a poem written by the German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller(1892–1984). It is about the cowardice of German intellectuals following the Nazis‘ rise to power and subsequent purging of their chosen targets, group after group. Many variations and adaptations in the spirit of the original have been published in the English language. It deals with themes of persecutionguilt and responsibility.