Information on Cannabis should be Clear

Any organisation campaigning for Cannabis Law Reform really should be clear in their articles regarding medicinal cannabis, CLEAR are claiming that the Alta tincture:

“It’s the same as Sativex except it’s available in three alternative THC/CBD ratios and costs one-tenth of the price”

The statement is correct that the Alta tincture is available with differing cannabinoid ratios, however it is incorrect to claim that these tinctures are the “same as Sativex®”. The three Alta tinctures contain between 10 and 12 mg of cannabinoids per ml,  Sativex® contains in excess of 73 mg per ml so it is seven times more potent.

Claiming that these tinctures are “the same as Sativex” is like claiming that beer is the same as Whiskey and  the CLEAR leadership really should be expected to know the difference. If as CLEAR claim these tinctures are a tenth of the price then that doesn’t seem to be such great value for money when you consider that they only contain a seventh of the cannabinoid content of Sativex®.

As I am one of the many banned from posting on the CLEAR Facebook page I cannot correct their error, it is vitally important that people with a medicinal requirement for cannabis have access to correct and accurate information, hopefully  someone who is not banned by CLEAR will correct them.


One thought on “Information on Cannabis should be Clear

  1. Alun Buffry

    “is like claiming that beer is the same as Whiskey”

    oh come off it Jeff, PR doesn’t know the difference between beer and whiskey and he doesn’t know the difference between strong and weak – neither is he any good at all at figures, after all, he said CLEAR had over 5000 members when they had less than 1000.

    And, to be honest, I don’t think CLEAR are at all concerned with the truth anyway

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