Which cannabinoid is the most effective against cancer?

Many people are aware of the anti-cancer properties of cannabinoids, e.g. they can:

  • Trigger cancer cell death (apoptosis)
  • Stop cancer cells dividing
  • Prevent new blood vessels from growing into tumours (angiogenesis)
  • Reduce cancer cells spreading throughout the body (metastasising)
  • Speed up autophagy, which can lead to cell death

But which is the most effective cannabinoid against cancer?

According to Rick Simpson, it is THC and only if it is 95% – 98% potency but the science and the lab experiments indicate that for certain cancers different cannabinoids or even combinations of cannabinoids may be more effective than THC alone

e.g. in the treatment of gliomas. At the University of Madrid they have conducted some experiments into treating gliomas with just THC, just CBD, THC & CBD combined, and THC & CBD alongside the chemotherapy drug Temozolomide

The experiments on human glioma cells so far have been restricted to animal models, however the experiments have been conducted on human cancerous glioma cells and the results indicate that THC & CBD are more effective when they’re combined than just THC on its own.

The most interesting result is that it is only when they administered THC alongside TMZ (Temozolomide) did they get regression

As illustrated below


I’m not claiming that Rick’s wrong and Madrid University are correct but what this illustrates is that people have to do their own research and make up their own minds as to what’s their best course of action

My best advice?, follow the science


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