Cancer & cannabinoid research fundraiser for Madrid Complutense University


A message from Professor Guillermo Velasco from Madrid Complutense University:

“”We are really really thankful to all the generous people who have donated their money to fund this research. We feel honored to be the recipients of this donation and at the same time feel a great responsibility. We will use every single euro in pushing forward our research on the anticancer activity of cannabinoids”.

“The research that we have developed during the past 15 years has helped to demonstrate that cannabinoids have anticancer activity by themselves and that they can also enhance the anticancer action of other anti-tumoral agents at least in animal models of cancer.”

“However there are still many open questions that need to be answered in this area of research including the identification of the right combination of cannabinoids and other anticancer therapies that could be more effective in each patient an tumor type. Likewise the mechanism of cannabinoid anticancer action needs to be investigated in further detail. All these studies will contribute to pave the way to the development of clinical studies that will test the anticancer activity of cannabinoids in humans suffering cancer.”

” The development of this project will be one important step forward towards the achievement of these objectives”.

Please make a donation to this important experiment, full details below


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