Cannabis oil, what is the optimum cannabinoid profile for treating cancer?

I’m currently assisting Bud Buddies  with a series of informative self-help films on medicinal cannabis issues and the first video will be one I conducted with Professor Cristina Sanchez of Madrid Complutense University.

I notice from this short interview (below) that Cristina talks briefly about individual cannabinoid profiles for cancer sufferers, this is something that we will cover in much greater detail in our video on breast cancer. It’s a pity that the interviewer in the short film below didn’t press Cristina on the cannabinoid profiles but without an understanding of the subject it’s very difficult to ask the right questions.

From my interview with Cristina, it is apparent that Rick Simpsons insistence that cancer patients should only administer a high 90%+ THC cannabis oil extraction to treat their cancer is not necessarily the best advice. The research conducted at Madrid University (in animal models) indicates that both THC & CBD have anti-cancer properties and their research has produced some very interesting results. For example: in treating gliomas it seems that THC and combinations of THC & CBD in equal amounts is the most effective, yet in treating breast cancer CBD, THC or a combination of both are all equally effective. This is pretty ground breaking imo and it will be of particular interest to breast cancer sufferers who live in a jurisdiction where CBD is legal.

In the UK for instance CBD is not subject to the Misuse of Drugs Act (unlike cannabis and THC) therefore you can purchase and possess CBD legally, if you are a breast cancer suffer in the UK you can obtain CBD products from companies like who deliver to the UK.

I agree with Dr Sanchez when she says: “Each individual, each patient needs a particular ratio of cannabinoids, that is what we have seen in pre-clinical models”

“Each patient is in a different situation and each offers a different clinical challenge”

One thing is very obvious, we need more research and lots of it.

Jeff Ditchfield


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