Cultivate cannabis for a dying 14 year old, why not?

My Favourite Cannabis Plant

I was asked recently, “of all the cannabis plants you’ve ever cultivated, which was your favourite?”. It turned out that the person asking the question was referring to the variety but their question can also be answered in another way.


Jeff Ditchfield talking with Callie & Deryn Blackwell during the filming of Bud Buddies Project Storm

There is a specific purpose for every cannabis plant I cultivate, they are all special in their own way.

During the filming of Bud Buddies Project Storm, the story of six UK cancer sufferers and their journey to obtain cannabis oil extracts, I met Deryn, a 14 year old terminal cancer sufferer,

From the Boy in 7 Billion (available on Amazon)


That was three years ago, here is Deryn now

“After lunch Jeff helped Deryn plant his very own cannabis cutting. Once the14330915_105790343213553_1882113184_n plant was fully grown, Jeff told us he would make oil out of it for Deryn.

‘We need to label this plant H, Deryn,’ Jeff said.

‘Like H from the pop group Steps?’ I quipped.

‘I was actually thinking of Harry Pot-ter,’ Jeff chuckled mischievously.

Jeff wrote the letter ‘H’ on a marker and pushed it into the ground next to the small plant.”

Five months later



Jeff Ditchfield and Deryn in Spain planting his first cannabis plant


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