An open letter to Nick Hurd MP    

21st February 2018

Dear Mr. Hurd,

Yesterday in Parliament, Mr. Crispin Blunt MP asked the Government to make a statement regarding the case of Hannah Deacon, who is fighting for access to cannabinoids to treat her son Alfie’s rare form of epilepsy.

You responded that you and the Government “sympathised deeply” and that you “understand and respect the desire of the family to try to alleviate his suffering in any way possible”

It is obvious Mr. Hurd that you do not understand at all, Alfie suffers from a rare form of epilepsy that is life-threatening; it is not a case of a parent trying to “alleviate suffering”, it is a case of a desperate parent trying to save the life of their seriously ill child.

You also pointed out that supplying cannabis “is unlawful”, my friends and I at are fully aware of that, we have been forced into breaking this unjust, cruel law for the past 18 years.

I can assure you that the decision of a parent to administer cannabinoids to their seriously ill child is not one lightly taken, indeed I know that the serving police officer who asked me to supply her with cannabinoids for her terminally ill child gave it a lot of thought.

As you are well aware, the decision to reschedule cannabis is not within the remit of the Secretary of Health, it is solely at the discretion of the Home Office; up until 1971 doctors could prescribe cannabis preparations, please persuade the Home Secretary to permit them to do so again.

It is ironic that 100 years ago Suffragettes who could access cannabis for their terminally ill children fought the Government for the right to vote and today their great, great grandchildren can vote but have to fight for access to cannabis medications.

This Friday, myself and a group of Mothers will be at Parliament to support MP Paul Flynn’s private member’s bill. I will be there in possession of cannabis oil with the intent to supply to the Mother of a dying child, which as you are well aware is a criminal act. By rescheduling and permitting doctors to prescribe cannabis the Government will not only be assisting seriously ill people but also aiding me to not be a criminal, please help us.

Jeff Ditchfield



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