Cannabis Seeds


There are three main types of cannabis seeds

Regular Cannabis Seeds: Are natural seeds that will produce both male & female plants, the plants will require sexing to identify their gender.

Feminized Seeds: Have been created to produce a female plant , the selective breeding process eliminates virtually all the male chromosomes.

Autoflowering Seeds: Unlike regular and feminised seeds auto-flowering varieties do not require a photoperiod (regular & feminised varieties require 12 hours of darkness to induce flowering). Due to the lack of a vegetative period these plants never get very large so they are not big yielders, on the plus side, they are excellent little plants for outdoors and they are very simple to cultivate.

Many Bud Buddies regularly cultivate CBD Crew strains:

Since its foundation in 2009, by Shantibaba and  Jaime from Resin Seeds, CBD Crew have focused their efforts on breeding stable varieties of cannabis with significant levels of CBD. Many BB members use CBD Crew 1:1 CBD:THC strains to treat their illnesses and conditions.

High CBD strains

CBD Therapy

Feminised seeds               Flowering time (indoors) 8 to 9 weeks

If you are looking for a high CBD variety with minimal THC, then CBD Therapy is the strain for you, this strain can produce CBD to THC ratios in excess of 20:1, yields around 500g under a 600w light indoors.

1:1 CBD:THC strains

OG Kush

Feminised seeds               Flowering time (indoors) 8 to 9 weeks

OG Kush is a popular strain with many cannabis consumers world-wide for its ability to induce both relaxation and euphoria. CBD Crew has created this CBD rich strain from the best OG Kush genetics and their efforts have been rewarded with much higher levels of CBD than found in other OG varieties. CBD Crew OG Kush is a good yielding plant and well suited for indoor cultivation in grow rooms with restricted headroom. Cannabinoid profile: CBD:THC ratio between 1:1 & 3:2

CBD Nordle

Feminised seeds        Flowering time: (indoor) 9 to 10 weeks                  Outdoor: late October

Mainly indica bred from Afghani & Skunk genetics this strain does very well outdoors, especially in a greenhouse.

CBD Skunk Haze

Feminised seeds               Flowering time: (indoor) 10 weeks                    Outdoor: November

A great strain for indoor or outdoor cultivation and due to the Haze genetics this strain finishes late if grown outdoors (November). Skunk Haze is an ideal strain for greenhouse cultivation.


Feminised seeds             Flowering time: (indoor) 9 to 10 weeks            Outdoor: late October

Jeff says: This mainly Sativa variety grows great inside or outdoors, if you are looking for a high yielding outdoor 1:1 variety then this strain is ideal, well suited to cultivation in a greenhouse

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Shark Shock

Feminised seeds, flowering time: (indoor) 8 weeks, 0utdoor: October.

This mainly Indica variety is a favourite strain of Bud Buddies, it grows well indoors and is a very stable 1:1 variety.


Supreme CBD Durban

Feminised seeds               Flowering time: (indoor) 9 to 10 weeks                  Outdoor: October

This Mostly Sativa strain produces a Medium 350-450 gr/m2 yield.

With mainly Sativa genetics (70%) from Durban Poison and crossed with CBD (The Supreme) this Nirvana strain produces in the region of 8% CBD & 8% THC, a nice balanced 1:1 ratio. Does very well in a SCRoG (Screen of Green).

2:1 CBD:THC strains

CBD Medi-Haze

Feminised seeds              Flowering time: (indoor) 9 to 10 weeks                  Outdoor: October

This strain has been bred from predominantly Sativa genetics, it’s ancestry includes both Super Silver Haze & Nevil’s Haze genetics and it can be a great yielder producing 500 grams+ when grown indoors under a 600w light. This variety can also do well outdoors.

THC strains


Feminised Seeds            Flowering time: (indoor) 7 to 8 weeks                       Outdoor: October

This is one of my favourite strains from Dutch Passion, with Skunk genetics it is a great strain to grow indoors or outside.


Master Kush

Feminised seeds              Flowering time: (indoor) 8 to 9 weeks                    Outdoor: October

Another classic by Dutch Passion, with Hindu Kush genetics it is a great yielder, if you plant out early in Spain you can get over a kilo!



Holland’s Hope

Feminised Seeds              Flowering time: (indoor) 8 weeks              Outdoor: September

aka Hollands Hoop this strain has been specially bred to finish outdoors in mid-September, by finishing at the end of the Summer you can avoid the wet & damp Autumn so you shouldn’t lose your crop to budrot.  

Auto-flowering varieties

Auto OG Kush

This feminised auto is bred from OG Kush and Northern Lights 

60 Day Lemon Auto

An excellent outdoor variety, it has Lemon Skunk & Ruderalis genetics.

Many more varieties Here